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Track and Manage Your Tools and Equipment Anywhere

Trimble’s AllTrak™ Cloud Tool Management Solution lets contractors track and locate tools and see who is responsible for them. See what tools require servicing, what consumables are running low, and gain insight into usage.

With AllTrak™ Cloud, you always know where your tools and equipment are and who is responsible for them.

Trimble AllTrak™ has the following capabilities:

  • Warehouse asset management
  • Jobsite asset management
  • Find your tools
  • Rental, servicing and certification
  • Admin and cost tracking

Manage tools and equipment from the warehouse

AllTrak™ Cloud helps you track availability, quantity, and accountability of your equipment, tools, and consumables.

  • Track any asset using your mobile phone or tablet
  • Assign tools and equipment to workers, jobsites, or projects
  • Check tools, equipment, and consumables in and out of your warehouse
  • Know where your assets are and who has them at all times
  • See equipment status, including losses, damages, and who was responsible
  • Improve inventory tracking of returned items
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Track tool costs on a project-by-project basis

Improve cost visibility from the office with a record of tool and equipment use.

  • Gain more control of your business by tracking assets in the field
  • Estimate costs with reports showing equipment location and time on site
  • Pull reports on all sites, all tools, or a combination
  • Increase efficiency by cutting down on deliveries or purchases
  • Reduce losses from theft or damage by assigning individual responsibility

Quickly locate tools from the field

Find tools and equipment in the field or at the warehouse faster.

  • Locate the tool you need with a quick search on your mobile device
  • See if an asset is at your current site, another site, or the warehouse
  • Save time typically lost looking for a tool or asset
  • Stop buying tools you already own because they are at the wrong site
  • Keep track of tool and equipment certifications from your phone or tablet
  • Ensure only properly qualified workers use certain tools
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Rentals, servicing, calibration, and certification

Stay on top of tool maintenance and rentals with regular, automated reminders.

  • Keep tools compliant and increase safety with automated service alerts
  • Ensure safety equipment is properly calibrated and certified
  • Make sure rentals are returned on time through due-date alerts and reminders
  • Track equipment rentals, like gas cylinders and Porta Potties, to reduce loss
  • Receive notifications of rental payment due dates
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Easily track costs and create reports

Effectively connect tool and equipment costs to individual projects.

  • Improve control of your assets with digital tool tracking
  • Track on-site equipment and tool deployment time to better understand project costs
  • See all consumables used on a project or site
  • Export and share PDF and Excel reports for review
  • Create a culture of responsibility by assigning tools to individual workers

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