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Precise Jobsite Data Capture

When you need to capture detailed data on the worksite, nothing beats scanned data for its ability to document the complete 3D scene on site. 3D scans provide you with datasets that are dimensional, measurable and shareable to eliminate any guesswork or interpretation back at the office.
If the learning-curves of traditional laser scanning and photogrammetry have slowed your entry into 3D scanning, now there’s an option made for contractors. The DPI-8 Handheld Scanner lowers the barriers to scanning to unlock powerful as-built data deliverables your team can trust.

Simple and Intuitive Workflow

The lightweight design and one-hand operation make it an attractive option for construction projects. Its high-resolution camera and powerful Android tablet makes the solution as effective for contractors as it is approachable.

The large screen and visual data capture give users active feedback while scanning to streamline the learning curve for new users of all abilities. Share the 3D point cloud data with key stakeholders on the project, so everyone can access the precise detail deliverables needed for accurate work. With direct integration into Trimble RealWorks, users can augment existing static scans with data from areas and angles that are only accessible with a handheld scanning solution.

BPM dpi8scanner image02

One Hand Operation

Whether it’s capturing difficult to reach areas on the jobsite or just keeping one hand free for stability, the DPI-8 has a form factor made for contractors. The user can focus on acquiring data and using their free hand to provide a safe working environment.

At an attractive price point, the DPI-8 opens up the world of 3D image capture to almost every stakeholder on the construction site.

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