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A Note on Our Customer Advisory Board & Customer Success

At BuildingPoint Midwest & Gulf Coast we’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking about what success means. Seems like a fairly straightforward proposition. But the more we talked about it, the more we realized there were some missing elements in our conclusions. 

The biggest of those elements, we discovered, was considering the success of our customers. What we determined is that we can only call ourselves successful when we know our customers are completely satisfied and successful.

Our New Customer Success Program

Borne of this realization is our new Customer Success process, which should be fully operational in the coming months. This process will ensure a regular and seamless stream of communication with our customers so that we know when things are going well and when they may need extra attention.

Another large part of this renewed attention to customer success is the introduction of our new BuildingPoint Midwest & Gulf Coast Customer Advisory Board.

We Want Your Feedback

We are forming this group for two main reasons. First, we want to know straight from our customers how we can be better. When we’re better; you’re better. Second, we want to provide you with information and opportunities that will not only help your company today but also help you plan for the future.

Some of your industry peers already have agreed to join our board, and we’re inviting you to our inaugural event taking place virtually Thursday, May 27. An agenda is already in place for our first one-hour meeting.

Please read on to discover more and if you’re interested in joining us, please complete the form below.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

What Are the Benefits?

We wouldn’t ask you to join our Customer Advisory Board if we didn’t place a high value on your feedback. But this won’t work if it’s just us that reaps all the benefits. So, what will you gain from being a part of our group?

  • Valuable insights from industry leaders scheduled as keynote speakers
  • A look behind the scenes at new Trimble products coming to market
  • Opportunities to beta-test new products before they are released to the market
  • Industry and innovation discussions with Trimble C-Suite executives
  • Networking with industry peers
  • Discounted tickets to Trimble’s annual innovation conference Dimensions (November 2022 in Las Vegas), including access to roundtable dinner events hosted by BuildingPoint

Your Feedback Will be Essential

The key to any successful Customer Advisory Board is the valuable feedback of its members. Throughout our meetings, we will be asking for your input not only on the meeting presentations but also on BuildingPoint as a whole.

We want to know not only what we’re doing well, but what we can improve upon. We’ll send surveys following each meeting that will allow your company to have real and impactful input on how we can serve you better and deliver even more solutions that will transform the way your company works.


What’s On the Agenda?

The first meeting of the BuildingPoint Midwest & Gulf Coast Customer Advisory Board is set for Thursday, May 27. We’re truly looking forward to you joining us. Because we don’t want you to agree to attend without an idea of what you should expect, we wanted to give you a high-level look at our first agenda.

  • Introductions — 5 minutes
  • Keynote — Martin Holmgren, Vice President, BCFS, Trimble — 20 minutes
  • Keynote Q&A — 10 minutes
  • Product Introduction: Meet Spot the Dog, David Burczyk, Construction Robotics Lead, Trimble — 15 minutes
  • Discussion/Q&A — 10 minutes
CAB speakers

Midwest Location: 12360 S. Industrial Dr. E. Plainfield IL, 60585 | Gulf Coast Location: 124 Toldeo Drive Lafayette LA, 70506


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